What one terrifying thing you can do today?

Happy people step out of their comfort zone. 

You can’t grow if you don’t challenge yourself. And growth is a requirement of happiness. If you’re not growing, you’re slowly decaying and dying.

Elevated risk makes you feel more alive and puts you in a state of flow—which is an optimal conscious state where you feel and perform at your highest level. You become completely absorbed in what you’re doing—pure presence.

When you do things way outside your comfort zone, you naturally raise your conscious level. When you do things that involve high risk, and high probability of failure, you are forced to think differently than you normally do. You are forced to be creative and innovative.

Sadly, most people play life small, safe, and easy. The goals they pursue are logical. There is little element of risk and little requirement for faith.

Consequently, you should take bigger risks in your life. Do things that make you feel alive and activate flow. Of course, with this will come more failures. But if you’re not failing, you’re not growing. 

Happy people understand that there are no failures in life, only feedback or result.

Just for today, do that one thing, that terrifies you. Your Success is just outside your comfort zone.

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