Would you like to become MORE Productive today?

Those GIVE Realize true Happiness.

Yes, the more you GIVE, the more you will receive.

Law of Giving affirms that when we do something for others, not only do we feel a sense of satisfaction, but we also contribute to the flow of prosperity.

Giving is not an action. It’s an attitude. 

I personally believe that everyone(including you) has plenty to give.

True success comes from helping people to help themselves. When you include welfare of others in your plans of success, you have a realistic chance of being successful. Thinking only of yourself spells disaster.


1) What do you give?

2) What could you give, that you don’t at present?

3) To whom could you be of service today?

4) How could you give more?

Write down some of the ways that you can contribute to the happiness and well-being of people around you in your family, associations, networking group or your global family.

If you cannot give anything, at the most you can give a beautiful smile.

I am sure, you can do that!

Have a smiley day!

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