Where is your MIND resting upon? Do you know that?

Worries, Anxieties or Anger.

Then your brain takes upon the respective structure and those areas of the brain become active. Those neural structures consume more glucose and oxygen.

Neurons which fire together, wire together. These Neural dynamics will promote anxiety-ness, low sense of self-worth and prickly reactivity to others and events.

Your behaviour gets conditioned by allowing your mind to rest on those areas.

On the other hand, if you regularly look at good things in life, seeing good things in yourself, letting go, then your brain takes the shape of self-confidence, calm-strength & inner peace.

You can’t stop your brain from daily changes.

Ask yourself “Are you getting the changes that you want in life”?

If not, change your mind, change your brain.

Practice Mindfulness! Let the monkey mind rest on the cushion called “NOW”

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