Are you rushing your life? How to calm down?

How are you?

“Fine” – typical answer

“Busy” – more likely reply by many people today.

We are caught up in emails, phone calls, chat messenger, facebook, meetings, travel etc

Chronic speediness activates more adrenaline & cortisol, weakens immune system, poor decision making and wears down your mood.

Need for speed has become way of life – but it’s possible to change for inner peace & calmness.

Just for today,

Do few things slowly than usual. For eg.,

  1. Lift the coffee cup slowly and sip the coffee slowly
  2. Get up very slowly from your chair and walk to the rest-room slowly
  3. When you hear the phone bell, take one nice deep breath (imagine it is a bell from nearby temple)

It’s your life, no one else. Slow down & enjoy it.

You will be more productive today! Guaranteed

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