Which is the MOST Happening Place in earth?

Have you been recently to any one of the big retail stores like Big Bazaar or Pantaloons?

The most happening place would be the billing counter.

When counter closed, all transaction ceases. 

Like the billing counter, your body is the counter where all life transactions are happening.

Don’t you know that you should exercise regularly?

Don’t you know that you should not eat junk foods?

Don’t you know that you that prevention is better than cure?

Look at your family or friends who have diabetes, hypertension, back pain, arthritis, wheezing, obesity etc.

You have only one body and there is no alternate available as of now. 

It is your responsibility to keep the body fit and flexible because it is the doorway to all greater achievements in life.

A Turkish proverb says that you can always turn back at any distance in the wrong path.

Invest 15-30 mins for your body.

When body is fit and flexible, your mind is fit and flexible.

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