How to LET GO? - Beginners Technique

The person who sat next to me on the flight few weeks back was on a wrong seat.

The Air-hostess politely told him that he is sitting on the wrong seat.

He was very adamant in not moving and he said that’s his seat.

Many a times in lives, we get attached on too many things, events or people that we forget to use our common sense. Many of us so much attached to our position, identity, our car, home or to a person etc. 

Majority of our problems and frustrations in lives are due to these attachments and our inability to let go as and when required.

Letting go is one habit, when learnt and practiced properly saves you lot of time & energy and protects your peace & happiness.

The awareness of I am not this body & I am not this mind is one of the best techniques to develop letting go.

Today, whenever you become aware of your attachments in lives or when you are unable to let go of things, use the following technique (this is the beginner’s technique):

Become aware of your attachment

  1. Take a nice deep breath in
  2.  As you breathe in, mentally say “I am not this body”
  3.  As you breathe out completely say “I am not this mind”
  4.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 three more times.

You can even practice this technique every day for 5 mins in the morning and evening also

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