Why your MIND thinks Negatively?

Positivity is like Teflon; Negativity is like Velcro!

In fact, it’s true.

Mind is a negative instrument designed for survival.

At the end of the day, do you remember ten good things happened or one bad thing that happened?

Many neuro-research points out that 

  1. Painful experiences are more memorable than the pleasurable ones.
  2.  Human beings learn and change faster from pain rather than pleasure.
  3. The brain generally reacts faster to a negative stimulus rather than to an equally intense positive stimulus.
  4. Most people will work harder to avoid losing something they have than they will work to gain the same thing.
  5. Lasting good relationship typically need a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions.

I read it long back, that “Negative experiences are like Velcro & Positive experiences are like Teflon”.

Understanding the neuro-psychology of human beings, the top 3 industries in the world use fear & negativity as their means of growing their business. 

How to stay positive? Let me share one technique which you can apply today in your life.

A positive experience is generally mild, subtle and that’s fine. Simply stay with that experience for 20-30 seconds without getting distracted by something else. Longer we hold any positive experience in our awareness and more emotionally stimulating, respective neuronal memory circuit becomes stronger and easy for immediate access.

Practice this for next 30 days. You will be suddenly filled with lots of happiness and joy.

More you are happy; more you will be productive in life & work.

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