How to FIND out WHO are YOU?

Are you interested to find out who you really are?

Simplest method suggested by our ancestors are through Negation.

During my college exams, there used to be Multiple choice question. There will be 4 answers and we have to the choose the best answer for the question.

Many a times, I don’t know the right answer. The simple strategy I followed was to negate the wrong answers to get the right answer.

Many a times in life, if we don’t the right answer, just by negating the wrong answer you can get the right one.

Vedanta prescribes the same strategy to find the answer to one of the toughest question in life –

“Who am I”?

I am not Prasanna Venkatesan,
I am not Personal Development Coach
I am not a Coach,
I am not a husband,
I am not a father,
I am not a son,
I am not an entrepreneur

I am not…

I am not…

Why don’t you try this exercise today?

I will not guarantee you that you will find the answer immediately, but 10mins of contemplation daily increases your compassion, gratitude & happiness levels.

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