Here is your DOOR to Peace & Happiness...

Every day we open many doors in our busy lives.

Bathroom door, bedroom door, office entry door, cabin/meeting room door etc.
Let me share with you a technique which can open the door to peace & tranquility.

Follow this method whenever you open a door:-

  1. Just pause & become aware that you are going to open the door
  2. As you touch the door knob or handle, take one nice deep breath in
  3. Open the door
  4. Place your feet into the new room/space you are entering
  5. Feel the bottom of your feet on the floor
  6. Breathe out & relax yourself
  7. Mentally tell yourself “I like Myself”!(you can change this affirmation depending upon your life-situations & requirements)

This simple mindful door opening technique has the power to transform your lives.

Let thy door to peace & tranquility open inside you!

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