Are you ready for a 21-day Challenge?

Are you ready for this challenge? This challenge is applicable for all those who get up after 5.30 am daily. 

The rules for this 21-day challenge are simple: 

  1. Go to bed at a decent time. 
  2. Wake up at 5:00 am every single day. 
  3. Never snooze. Take a nap if you are extremely tired in the afternoons.
  4. Meditate 10 minutes immediately upon rising in a sitting position
  5. Report to any one friend, partner or even in Facebook what time you got up.

If you mess up any of the rules, then you start from the beginning. But there is no need to criticize yourself. Be extra loving and gentle with yourself. Listen to your body. 

If you succeed in this challenge, how will you reward yourself? Can you share some ideas with me?

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