Would you like to become MORE Productive today?

Do you want to be more productive today – then follow this technique.


In business, 20% of the customers give 80% of profits

20% of the people in the office do 80% of the work

20% of the book contains 80% of the information.

If you have 10 tasks to do, only 2 are going to be more productive.

Creating a to-do list is easy, but figuring out that 20% is the challenge.

Invest few minutes today to identify that 20% and put your efforts there.

Remember, you can’t complete all your tasks in your to-do list. 

BTW, have you created your to-do list? If not, do it NOW!

Only Average people put their efforts on all the things.

Achievers put their major efforts into key things. 

It is not the amount of effort matters, but where you put in.

Your fortune lies in your ability to stay focused on that ONE task for the day!

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