This is the best company to invest this year...100% returns guaranteed

Have you invested in HIC? This is a new company launched recently.

This is a new Investment policy which has very high ROI.

Have you completed your investments for this year?

Many plan ahead & many plan at the last moment to save tax money.

I believe you would have made some investments like Insurance, PPF, bonds etc.

A New company called HIC has introduced an investment opportunity recently that guarantees 100% return on your principal plus 300% ROI every single year*. This policy comes with life-back guarantee & family-back guarantee which is not available with any other competitors. 

Happiness Investment Corporation’s (HIC) Terms & Conditions:

Read the following terms & conditions before applying to this amazing investment opportunity. We are not liable for any damage or loss incurred. You are 100% responsible. Kindly check and agree to participate in the life-trading investments.

  1. Daily exercise for 10 mins
  2.  Breathing & Meditation for 10 mins
  3.  Eat healthy foods & avoided junk foods & fast foods
  4. Sleep at the right time
  5. Unburden emotions on daily basis
  6. Engage in Random acts of kindness
  7. Reading self development books for 15 mins daily
  8. Developing “Let Go” attitude
  9. Reduced TV watching & reading newspapers
  10. Appreciate atleast one person a day
  11. Pay Gratitude (atleast mentally) to one person/thing daily
  12. Stay away from negative people & surround with positive people
  13. Spend quality time at work & quantity time with family

Lifelong Happiness, Success, Health & Prosperity guaranteed!

*Return on Investments is subject to your emotional instability, fear & commitment.

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