Are you super stressed? Try these 8 quick fixes...

Are you super stressed? Try these quick fixes

I am busy; I do not have time for week-long meditation classes.

I have deadlines to achieve, goals to reach and projects to submit.

If you are a busy-bee, then this post is for you.

Try any one of the quick fixes to get rid of your stress instantly.

  1. In 10 seconds do one quick body scan (see how your body is feeling right now)
  2. Invest 30 seconds & pay attention to your breathing without getting distracted
  3. Go for a 1 minute mindful walk upto the toilet without talking to anyone. Keep your whole attention to the sole of your feet, body weight, your breath and your surroundings. You should not talk to anybody
  4. Drink one green tea
  5. Mentally look at any two people at random and bless them to be happy
  6. Go for a walk inside your office and smile at everybody
  7. Go and appreciate one of your colleagues for the small task they just completed
  8. With your thumb, close both your ear flaps, close your eyes, take a nice deep breath in and breathe out with a loud “hmmm” sound. Do this for 7 times.

You get motivated by doing things, not thinking about them. 

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