3 things successful people never do in their life

Do you like to give Excuses?

Be Honest. I know you give lots of excuses in life.

When you pay close attention, you will find that the self-talk happening between your ears( the main villain in your life) is not allowing to be happy.

Many self-limiting beliefs by this non-stop nonsense fellow have secretly sabotaged your growth and happiness inspite of all efforts. These beliefs start in the form of excuses first.

Some of the common excuses are:-

1. It’s too late for me
2. I don’t have time
3. I am too plain and boring
4. I don’t deserve it
5. I am responsible for my family, parents or X, so taking care of myself is not a priority
6. Nobody understands me
7. Nobody cares about what I care about
8. I am not smart enough
9. Now is not the right time
10. I am so unlucky
11. I am a failure
12. I am too scared
13. I will never be able to get it perfect, so why try
14. I will never be as good as someone, so why bother
15. My parents will not support me
16. I can’t

And this list goes on and on….Success people do not give Excuses, Blame others or Justify. They take 100% responsibility of their life.

Just for today, whatever it takes, give a straight answer instead of giving some lame excuses.

Take Charge of your life NOW.

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